My Read Pile

Prompted by this post here over at Ryan Lindsay’s blog I took a look at my pull list. It was good in that it made me really look at the list and analyse whether I still enjoyed the title or whether I was just getting it out of habit. So, as it stands I cut about 4 or 5 titles off a list that wasn’t super long to begin with.

So here’s my mainstays and some reasoning behind why they’re there.

Private Eye

It’s consistently great, and it’s incredibly useful to read from a craft perspective. BKV and Marcos Martin have a plan. There’s a sense of building/rising momentum with the story the last few issues. Learning the series is finite makes me have faith this is going to be something worth following. Saga gets the plaudits and the rewards, but if I’m honest I enjoy this title more.

Hawkeye/Sex Criminals/Satellite Sam

My Fraction fix. Do I really have to explain either of these? Pushing the envelope in terms of storytelling and character work month in month out. Read Satellite Sam #1 and look at it purely from the perspective of what it does with the time and cutting. That’s one issue out of this triumvirate of titles. These are comics that keep on giving.

Moon Knight (Ellis run)

I’m still on the fence about where this title is going now Ellis has left. But when he on board this was a staple. I think done in one issues are an art unto themselves. Ellis pulled it off with aplomb, ably assisted by Shelvey and Bellaire. More great comics to pick apart and study.

Black Science

Because I truly don’t know where Remender is steering this ship. That’s a rare thing in any storytelling medium, never mind comics.


Because Curt’s comics are always ones that stick in my head long after I’ve put them down. Because Jason Copland doing a sixteen panel page is a glorious thing.


I love war comics. I love fiction that engages with the myriad of human behaviour and emotions that operate in and around war and conflict. Zero is the best war comic being published right now. This is a comic about a life soaked in conflict and trauma.

Sam Alden’s comics

After Haunter, I’ll read anything Sam produces.


There are my mainstays at the moment. There are other titles in there, but they’re either too early in their run to call, or on some kind of hiatus.