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Thought Balloons

Sometime around last summer I discovered a website called Thought Balloons via The Weekly Crisis

The premise of the website takes its inspiration from the excellent Comic Twart, where each week a group of amazing comic book artists take one character and produce a sketch featuring said character. 

Over at Thought Balloons the tenured writers take a single character and write a one page script about them. 

To me this sounded like a bunch of fun. You get to play about with a different toy each week. Secondly it was a challenge. As anyone who has put pen to page on a comic script will tell you the shorter a script the HARDER it gets to produce something effective and solid.

Doing this week in, week out improves your comics game. Fact. 

So, after months of ‘playing at home’ and providing scripts in the comments section (as well as providing feedback on others work) I was asked by Ryan who runs the site to be a tenured writer. 

I didn’t hesitate at all. I think the site is a great idea. It’s a great exercise to do each week, it’s a great showcase and you’re getting feedback on a weekly basis too. Providing critiques each week also makes you see the finer details of your own work as well as spurring you on to better yourself both in your Thought Balloons work and other projects. 

So, come on over, give some feedback and write a script. 

Go on.

NB: This weeks character is the Winter Soldier.

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