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Ultimate Quest! (AKA more Green Wake)

Here’s post number #5463 in my quest to get as many people as I can to read Green Wake (yes, I know Issue #10 is the last issue…you’re fucking with my chi when you get down on me like that).

Over at his blog (which you should probably just subscribe to so you don’t keep having to listen to my shit) Kurtis has posted a one page Green Wake script that was meant as a potential test for a new artist (it wasn’t clear at the time whether Riley Rossmo would be able to commit to an ongoing series). 

In the post Kurtis mentions the site Thought Balloons, a site I’ve recently had the good fortune to join as a tenured writer (which I talked about here).

Around the same time Kurtis noticed that Thought Balloons ‘subject’ that week was Green Wake and so contributed the one page script there, and it’s a doozy.

As I mentioned in my initial Thought Balloons post it’s hard to write an effective one page script, you have no luxuries. Just the bare bones. It forces you to think about the panel and dialogue choices you’re making and to concentrate on economic storytelling. 

I wasn’t aware of the site at the time and wished I’d had the chance to come up with something of my own for a series that’s a personal favourite. 

Click here to read the efforts of the Thought Balloons crew that week. Good stuff!

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