I’ve written a whole bunch of comic book shorts including a story for the Eisner-nominated To End All Wars from Soaring Penguin. My one-shot Go Home is available from Alterna Comics via ComiXology.

I also edit comic books, with work including MonkeyBrain/IDW’s Headspace, Beautiful Canvas and Eternal from Black Mask Studios, and the ‘cyberpunk slice of life’ anthology Metropo.

My column, Opening Contract, ran on The Weekly Crisis. An eBook collection of those columns, including interviews with creators, is available here. I also put together the Comic Writer Services resource which some people find helpful.


“Dan has been my partner in crimes against comics crime for a long time, and I can honestly say there’s no one I’d rather have in my corner. Not only does he have an unerring instinct for narrative and storytelling, he always makes the time to offer thorough notes and encouragement. You really couldn’t ask for a better editor to have your back.“

Lee Robson, Writer of Babble from Com.X and numerous stories in the fantastic Zarjaz and Futurequake.

“Working with Dan Hill has always brought out the best in my writing and has resulted in many of my greatest stories. His eye for theme and character propulsion is sharp, and his ability to inspire you through discussion is what makes him an integral component to my creator-owned comics.”

Ryan K Lindsay, Writer of Beautiful Canvas, Chum, Eternal, Negative Space, Deer Editor, Headspace and much more.

“Dan’s biggest strength as an editor is his uncanny ability to read the story as it exists in the mind of the writer, regardless of the version that appears in the script. I’ve been spooked a few times by the things he’s picked up on – motives, plot points, character backgrounds – before I’ve even put them onto paper. With this deep understanding, Dan is able to help me tell the story I want to tell. I couldn’t ask for anything more in an editor.”

Chris Lewis, Writer of Drones, Mixmancer, and Karma Police.

For editing (from development right through to line edits) and other inquiries I can be contacted at info [at] dan-hill.org.

I also tweet and send out a newsletter every fortnight.

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